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Junven Laptop bag

Laptop bag is one of the most popular backpacking products in Junven, since we get the repeat orders every year .Usually we get laptop bag orders from some companies in the bag industry from domestic and foreign markets.


Recently, more and more other kinds of companies placed laptop bag orders to us with their own brands on it ,so that they can send the laptop bags to their customers as gifts. It has several advantages to send the laptop bag with brand to customers .First of all, it seems quite decent to send gifts like this. Secondly ,this gift is useful ,every person who has a laptop might use it .Thirdly ,it is good for advising the brand which printed on the laptop bags.

We got an order from a leading insurance company in China with a total quantity of 8000 pieces. This was the first time that we have business relationship. Because Junven has good reputation among the customers, Junven is recommended to the insurance company. After they had a tour in our factory ,they placed the laptop bag order to us just in a few days. The insurance company is satisfied with our good quality, reasonable price and considerate service.

For this laptop bag ,we would like to introduce more details to you. It is made of super light material .In recent years, more and more high quality and light material can be chosen in the market ,so our foreign customer has more choices.It is good for the cost controlling and saving the shipping cost.We have sorted out the suitable light material for the laptop bag.We use PU material to wrap the fabric band, so it is more fit hand shape and comfortable to grip. With the protection of PU, the band is also durable. We use color silicone printing to print the logo, so it shows classic fashion. The perfect printing process make you not easy to lose the laptop bag. Saber custom-made zipper is shinning and can be long-term use. The logo is made of high-pressure glue under high temperature,so it is smooth and non-foaming, exquisite and elegant. The metal wire drawing process is manufactured with precision.The high-quality metal is both glossy and thick, and anti-rust. All Above make logo looks clear and three-dimensional. The mouth buckle adjusts the length of the shoulder straps, and the hooks secure the shoulder straps for free access. Widen the shoulder pad with cotton can cushion weight and disperse negative gravity, so it is more comfortable and lighter.

Junven ,as one of the best Chinese handbag manufacturers, which is mainly producing the handbag,make-up case,backpacking products etc. We have more than 20 years experiences in making bags ,so we have earned lots of customers both from domestic and foreign markets. We also do OEM products .We welcome any orders .