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Mini folding chair-Junven Bag

Junven ,as one of Chinese handbag manufacturers, which is mainly producing the handbag,make-up case,backpacking products etc. We have more than 20 years experiences in making bags ,so we have earned lots of customers both from domestic and foreign markets. We also do OEM products .Many customer placed the OEM orders to Junven ,because they believe in our quality and the reasonable prices that Junven offers to them. One of our Italian customer ,they placed the order of a mini folding chair to us this time,which in total 10,000 pieces. The Italian customer usually placed the backpacking orders to Junven.They spoke highly of Junven’ professional skills and great services. Since now we have bought the new machine, which have widen the scope of business area. The Italian customer gave us the order as soon as they knew about the new machine. We are very grateful that they have gave us this chance to deliver the new product for Italian market .


Since this is the first time for Junven to produce the bag relative product which is mainly made of metal, we payed higher attention to the production .With our great effort, many problems that are concerned by our customer are solved well. Therefor the process through out the whole  business were very pleasant for Junven as well as the Italian customer. These mini folding chair is a common use in the out-door fishing ,camping ,out-door training etc.


In order to make the mini folding chair firmer, we use the widen and thicker cotton fabric band ,which have strengthen for the density. To solve the balancing issue, our designer calculated the weight of a common human body and the pressure of sitting down, then we designed 4 fabric bands. With these 4 fabric bands, it is comfortable when people sitting on the mini folding chair.One more question is the transportation expenses, it is relative to the prim cost of our customer, so Italian customer payed close attention to it .The heavier goods causes higher expenses when they shipped to Italy. Therefore Junven has the chair legs custom-made .The material is compound metal ,which super light but strong .And the folding design save the space when loading the goods.All can help customer to save the freight.


Junven always think that customer first ,that means we think what customer thinks ,we do what customer wants ,we deliver what customer dreams.